Operation Nightingale is a voluntary relief project focussed on unifying a veteran community to utilise the extraordinary, diverse set of strengths, skills and experience our veterans possess to support our hero doctors and nurses and supply chains at Nightingale Hospitals, to provide essential support at Care Homes and to help deliver Personal Protective Equipment across the UK. Within 24 hours over 700 former military personnel, many with the most incredible service records, stepped forward to voluntarily serve their Nation for a second time. It is a role reversal from wars of the past when nurses supported our Armed Forces; now it’s time for our huge veteran community to support our doctors and nurses.

Many veterans operating at the highest level in the security industry have lost their jobs because of this Global Pandemic. We are actively seeking and appealing for opportunities that will allow them to engage, gain employment and feel very much part of the National effort to defeat an invisible enemy, reinstating a sense of purpose and responsibility for all.

As a former Royal Marine Commando I couldn’t be prouder to see our Teams on the ground supporting networks of Care Homes and Hospitals, but many more individuals want to be involved. This portal allows veterans to register with us and for companies to find highly motivated and skilled future employees. Many of our veterans are also very willing to support people in need without any remuneration at all, and for this reason we have created a Just Giving Fund to help contribute to their travel costs as many are having to travel right across the UK to support people in need. We thank you sincerely for your support.

James Brooke

Team Coodinator
Op Nightingale

As an Iraq veteran and former Major in the British Army it is a pleasure to see how veterans are uniting to support the UK socially and economically in the current challenging times and beyond.

I wish all involved in Op Nightingale the very best for the future and hope more join this cause to support the Nation’s most vulnerable.


Rt Hon Sir Desmond Swayne TD MP

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